Our research

Metabolic dark matter

Even in the best-characterized organisms, about a third of the proteins are unannotated, misannotated or incompletely annotated. Similarly, about a third of detected enzyme activities are orphan, and only a fraction of the signals detected by untargeted metabolomics can be assigned to known metabolites. This metabolic dark matter obscures our fundamental understanding of life at the molecular level.

We apply and develop mass spectrometry-based untargeted metabolomics methods to discover the function of uncharacterized enzymes and metabolites.

OUR team

A mix of biochemists and microbiologists

Our team covers expertise in biochemistry and microbiology and dynamically consists of BSc students, MSc students, PhD candidates and postdocs.

where to find us

Radboud University
Department of Microbiology

The functional metabolomics lab is embedded in the Department of Microbiology of the Radboud University of the Radboud Institute for Biological and Environmental Sciences (RIBES).